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I have traveled all over the world, almost always on my own. That is why I am aware that the details are an essential part of the great personal experience of each trip.

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If you want to live it for yourself, I invite you to come with me, because I will take care of everything so you can enjoy it. People who have shared their trips with me previously tend to repeat … and that’s a source of pride for me!

Get Carried Away

Discover with me those places that are not included in the mainstream tours. Get carried away and immerse yourself in the culture and nature of Indonesia, India or Brazil, among other destinations.

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  • Brazil: April 4 to 19, 2020

    BRAZIL April 4 to 19, 2020 From April 4 to 19, 2020, it will be the second turn of the 2020 season to discover the most natural and authentic, lush and magical Brazil. In our trips, we try to achieve two goals: immersion in nature, respecting and admiring it; and contact with the people who […]

  • Brazil: From February 19 to March 16, 2020

    From February 29 to March 16, 2020, we will explore places like Salvador de Bahia, Chapada Diamantina and the beaches of Algodões. It is a route that we will do with our rental cars, stopping in inspiring places.

  • Bali

    BALI Upcoming dates Tradition and delicacy are two words that define perfectly what you are going to feel in Bali, an indonesian paradise which is known as The Gods Island. I will post soon our next alternative travel packages to Bali, that explores the monumental heritage (it is said that Bali has more than 10.000 temples) […]


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