In 2015 I decided to turn my life around. I had known professional success after joining the International Secretariat of Senior Management and working in important multinational companies. But it was time to look for new experiences, to be faithful to the traveling restlessness that has always inhabited the deepest part of my being. And I went on a trip.

I met India, Indonesia, Bali, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia and many other places. It was not my first great trip, because years ago I had joined the crew of a luxury cruise that allowed me to go around the world, and I had always taken advantage of my vacation periods to visit other places.

But this time it was different: I did not want to be a simple tourist, but to mix with the earth and its people, to fill myself with its energy. I wanted to inhabit the world… Because every trip you take is a trip to yourself.


That adventure was due to be one year long… But it was such a change in me that it became my way of life. 

In that experience there was another great discovery for me: yoga, which allowed me to connect with myself.

I learned to spend time alone to know myself… Long time! A time I took to study, to train with yoga teachers in India and Bali, like my great teachers Surinder (yoga) and Swami Atma (meditation).

All these transformations have marked the project that I now undertake: Travel Karuna. Currently I am dedicated to coordinating trips for small groups in those places of the world that have been special for me. Trips that I share putting all my heart for my adventure companions to enjoy, rest… And, of course, transform theirselves.

Since then I devote myself to travel and to show other people what I discover in those places I go. Yoga inspires many of the routes that I prepare and coordinate for small groups, in which I also seek contact with culture, nature, heritage and, of course, peace. The inner calm that we all need to find when we travel, and that allows us to connect with ourselves in that little escape from the routine and everyday problems that is, in short, each trip.

Currently I coordinate trips to countries such as Indonesia, India or Brazil, whose management is the responsibility of the specialized agency Culture and Travel in Spain (CICMA 1315).

My job is to guide and accompany in the broadest sense of the word. We look for experiences that are unmarked from mainstream tourism and meet the criteria of responsible and sustainable tourism, respectful of local peoples and economies, betting on their businesses and, whenever possible, collaborating with their NGDOs.

In my travels, I design routes that escape topics and stop in authentic places, outside the usual circuits. I select the accommodations and experiences taking care of every detail to make an unforgettable experience possible.

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