What Brazil left in us: opinions of the travelers of our last adventure

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What Brazil left in us: opinions of the travelers of our last adventure

This time I share this blog  with the people who have traveled with me to Brazil last summer, because many of them have been kind enough to share their experience with us… Thank you very much!

When we organize a trip, we simply try to put our heart. It seems easy… But it is not at all. Anyone could take care of booking a restaurant or renting a car, but the soul, the love, is always de added value.

“Patricia Karuna is like a snail.  She takes the home with her and make you feel at home wherever you go”,  says Ana Villamuza (thank you Ana for such beautiful words!). “From a colossal waterfall, a natural slide on the stone, a mysterious and dark cave, a breakfast filled with delicacies (…) all those moments have crystallized in the form of home. The place that you always want to return to”.

Many of the people who have crossed with us the State of Bahia in Brazil highlight the safety and calm that brings them an organized trip, that, however, never loses the alternative character, moving away from mainstream tourism. “Those are the advantages of an organized trip”, says my friend Pepe, “in terms of time management, transfers, security… And the feeling, flexibility and good taste in the accommodations that can be gathered in a trip that you ride for your account”. That is what we want: every one feeling free.

For me, it is very important that everyone feels accompanied, as Laura describes. “I am a tireless traveler, I have traveled half the world. I try to avoid frustrations making no expectations before leaving… But, with Patri Karuna, I trust in her totally, so that I will enjoy every moment of the trip” . That trust is a real prize for us, thanks!

We travel in a small group. Although at the beginning of our adventure travelers hardly know each other, they quickly strike up a beautiful friendship. “As Cahill said, ‘a trip is better measured in friends than in miles'”, Pepe reminds. And here we make many friends!

Every trip must be, in my opinion, a life transforming experience. And it is very satisfying to help travelers return home with that feeling. Ana Machín describes it with this kind words: “It is said that, when you travel, you shouldn’t come back as you left, but you shoud come back different. This is how I breathe and feel after my return from Brazil. Differently aware that I felt happy with difference”.

I choose the reflections of Elena Padilla to finish this post … What an honor to receive them, Elena!

Traveling with Karuna is the purest feeling of traveling with a smiling, adventurous, affectionate friend, that you know will take care of you and let you flow.
Traveling with Karuna is finding a group of real new friends with a big and colorful heart beautiful.
Traveling with Karuna is strolling between authentic flavors and aromas of the country you live for a few day.
Traveling with Karuna is not suitable for hearts and closed minds, because they will open from the first minute of adventure.

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