To travel is to live. Hans Christian Andersen

There are as many ways to travel as travellers around the world. Some, however, prefer to visit other places in a different way, avoiding commercial tourism, which is dominated by multinational tour operators and major hotel chains.

We prefer to fill the backpack with some clothes, a toothbrush and several kilos of illusion, and flight alone or in small groups of people related to our way of traveling.

But sometimes, travelling alone is very difficult: maybe we don’t speak local language, or we are not able to manage the reservations and visas, o we don’t make our minds up about travelling in an strange country.

Therefore, it is a good idea to look for groups of travellers, in which everyone can contribute ideas with a flexible spirit. In that case, the figure of the travel coordinator becomes very important: an expert in the destination who takes care of the group, accompanying, sharing his knowledge whit his partners and providing comfort and support to them.

Furthermore, that kind of travelling is cheaper than commercial ones, and has the added value of supporting local bussiness and products, contributing to developement of local economies.

In my life I have coordinated several travels among different countries, which I know perfectly because I have lived in them in long periods of time. We currently have open routes to different places in Indonesia, Brazil and India, but in the future we will open new destinations. Are you ready to propose us your ideas? We are delighted to receive proposals and organize trips addapted to your needs, if that is what you want.

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